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As they arrived at the desert, the band of ironclad monks spotted smoke comming from chimneys in the horizon. The leader of the group dismounted, took off his great helmet and pointed towards the village. "There liveth the infidels", he said. "We all know what must be done. If weed is not purged whilst 'tis still young and weak, it will grow stronger and eventually press down the good plants. Our good cleric hath informed us that these pagans wished not to listen to the gospels and preaching of our heavenly Father." The abruptly cut sentence of the preceptor left no doubt as to the orders. They nodded slowly in acknowledgement and ignited their oil-covered bolts, levelled their crossbows and turned back at the preceptor for a sign. "Go for the children first, that will cause the inhabitants to panic. Spare no one. Fire at will".

The templars are the warriors of the church and the vigilance of the Militia. They provide the prowess in pure melee combat that the rest of the church lacks, and are the ones to lay weight behind the words of the Inquisition. Along with their female counterparts, the clerics, they act as crusaders, forcing avatari upon every human they face. They are used as a supreme force when holy wars are at hand, and take care of infidels who refuse to be baptised by the clerics. They are powerful icons of faith and valour, respected, but mostly detested, throughout Britannia for their ruthless ways and dreadful deeds. Within the Militia they act as a volunteer police force, upholding the rules and regulations of the guild, but also as a powerful mounted combat unit.

The Templar Uniform


Role-playing a templar

Templars most often use the Oath to benefit themselves. They see structure and organisation as something that elevates those who deserve to rule, and provides a clearly defined hierarchy between master and servant. To this end, a templar supports laws and restrictions that protect his concerns. If someone is hurt or suffers because of a law that benefits a templar, so be it. A templar obeys the commands of his superiors, as he deeply believes in all authorities supreme judgement on any matter. Because a templar may be forced to honour an unfavourable contract or oath (if he has made one), he is usually very careful about giving his word, or signing papers. This has gone to such an extreme that it has become an unwritten rule among templars to never promise anything. Once given, he breaks his word only if he can find a way to do it legally. Templars speak with a sophisticated and noble voice, and try to be as fair as possible. This templar fairness boils down to them treating all their victims equally, no matter what personal feelings he or his community may have towards this person. A traitor is a traitor, no matter how beautiful, kind, or verbally skilled this traitor is. The Holy Scripture, the militia's bible, is by templars most often used to justify their actions. If someone should accuse them for criminal or unjust actions, they quote directly from the Holy Scripture. Therefore, make sure you learn as lengthy and accurate quotations as possible.

  • Templars are only male.

  • Templars are cold and ruthless, and don't let even a minor rule breach go unwarned.

  • Templars believe that women can find salvation only through becoming clerics.

  • Templars don't flee the battle-field unless they are outnumbered three to one.

  • Templars don't look women in the eyes, nor do they touch them.

  • Templars know all customs of the Militia and the Church in and out.

  • Templars may chose to pick one weapon skill in addition to Mace Fighting.

  • Templars obey tactical orders of the highest ranked guardsman when in battle.

  • Templars protect the clerics.

  • Templars seek to burn every witch and taint.

Quotes of Templar mentality

"There is a hatchet for each tree, a torch for each witch, a purifying inferno for each evil race..."
"Thou art an elf; how dost thou plead? Guilty, or not guilty?"
"God giveth his word not, and neither shall I. I know not what plans the Higher Being hath for me, so how could I promise anything?"
"Thou challengest me? "Thou shalt not put thy God to test", the Scripture sayeth, and yet this be what thou dost."

The Oath of Templar Chivalry

I shall wage unceasing and merciless war against all that is evil.
I shall follow the dictates of moral conscience.
I shall be willing to defend my values.
I shall have respect and pity for all weakness and steadfastness in defending them.
I shall be a templar until death.
I shall refuse to retreat before the enemy.
I shall obey the orders of those appointed above me.
I shall show loyalty to truth and to my pledged word.
I shall be generous and giving of myself to the poverty stricken.
I shall be champion of the right and good at all times.

The Templi






The Church




Chainmail tunic, Chainmail leggings

Ringmail sleeves (dull copper), Plate helm,

Platemail gloves, Platemail gorget

Spear, Battle axe,Crossbow, Mace, War hammer, Tear Kite shield




Cloak (dye in the chapel)  

Surcoat (white)  

Shoes (white)