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Footman Thyspear had left the Guardsman Meadow to take a short walk in the woods before he went to bed in the dormitory. He had done his part of the work today, and so he thought himself worth to be alone for a while. The night was calm, misty and silent. Always being careful, he looked over his shoulder every now and then, but nothing was there to see. As he pulled off his coif and looked up against the clouded, dark sky, his body was suddenly thrown backward into the tall grass as he accidentally bumped into something. Lying down, he looked up against the dark, mighty figure that stood over him, as a black mountain. The cold, harsh voice spoke to him: "Get up. On thy knees." Instantly, Thyspear was standing on his knees, trembling. Now he saw a little more. He was now sure this was an Inquisitor who stood before him. Again, the cold, ruthless voice spoke: "I have been meaning to speak to thee, Footman. I think thou knowest of what." Still trembling, he looked up in despair and shook his head quickly: "N.. no, Sir! I do not. Prithee, let me go back to Headquarters."

The Inquisitor stood silent for a moment, not answering Thyspear's request for departure. Leaning further over the frightened man who sat beneath him, he spoke the words the Footman had feared would come: "Thou hast broken our rules. How dost thou plead?" Breathing heavily in panic Thyspear was almost about to start crying. He took his hand to the head as if it would make him think clearer: "I.... I can explain! I beg of you! Just hear me out.. I..." Disrupted by the flat hand that slapped him back down on the ground, he was left lying there, nearly breaking his lungs with the heavy breathing. He heard the voice speak again. Still calm, still ruthless. "Guilty as charged! Templar, do thy task." Once more, Thyspear looked up. From behind the great Yew tree, in which shadow he lay, a glimmering blade appeared. After the blade came the shaft of the axe and at last, the other dark figure. It walked up to him, the steps quick. Thyspear closed his eyes, knowing what was to come.

Inquisitor Salvatore turned to the Templar and nodded. "That went smoothly. Cover up the corpse."

The Inquisitors work to keep the Militia pure in all aspects. All rules must be followed. All officers must be obeyed. All wrongdoers must be found - and punished. Being the main figures of the Magistrate, the Inquisitors do their work with cruel efficiency. They use fear, threats, holy powers, swift punishments and their loyal templars to quickly rid off any inside threats of the Militia. Unruly guardsmen are put to their proper place, traitors exposed and banished. There is no place for failure in the Magistrate.

Inquisitors may cast all cleric spells as well as any fire-based attack spell. All other spells are forbidden, and may not be present in an Inquisitor's Book of Light.

                                         The Inquisitor uniform


                                                      Robe (true black)

                                                      Floppy hat (true black) 










The Oath of the Magistrate

"With all my power I shall persecute and make war upon all heretics, schismatics and those who rebel against our Lord and all his successors."

Role-playing an inquisitor

Inquisitors are primarily concerned with themselves and their own advancement. They have no particular objection to working with others or, for that matter, doing it on their own. Their only interest is in getting the Militia ahead, using their own methods, which includes torture, threats and capital punishments through the templars. If there is a quick and easy way to gain a profit, whether it is legal, questionable, or obviously illegal, they take advantage of it. To an inquisitor, the end always justifies the means. Although inquisitors do not have the "every man for himself" attitude, they have no qualms about betraying their friends and companions if this serves the purpose of the Militia and the Lord. They typically base their allegiance on power and information.

  • Inquisitors are only male.

  • Inquisitors refer to The Higher Being as "Lord of Hosts" or his divinity as "The Light"

  • Inquisitors are firm believers in the Light and the Lord.

  • Inquisitors occasionally hold cermons in the Church, praising the glory of the Light

  • Inquisitors are always on the search for those who show proof of tainte within the guards.

  • Inquisitors constantly gather information, and store it in the library, for future use...

  • Inquisitors use the templars as one would use a swordsarm. They point, the templars kill.

  • Inquisitors refuse to wield any weaponry.

  • Inquisitors have dark names of Latin or Spanish style.

  • Inquisitors know all rules of the Militia in and out.

  • Inquisitors detest witches and will have them burned at the stake at first opportunity.

  • Inquisitors are almost exclusively grumpy creatures, who do not like to be disturbed in their studies.

  • Inquisitors constantly plot and play mindgames to control the guardsmen, and to make them do what is best for the Militia.

  • Inquisitors complement the guardsmen, help them by transporting them, healing them and burning their enemies.

  • Inquisitors practice evaluating intelligence, hiding, magery, magic resistance, meditation, stealthing and wrestling.


Starting stats

Inquisitors start with 50 hiding, 50 magery, and 45 strength.

Quotes of inquisitor mentality

"Muzzle him with this bandana, templar! I shall interrogate this liar. We don't want him to corrupt our minds."
"One nail...two nails...three nails...Ready to confess, wench?"
"The end justifieth the means."

The Magistrate






The Church




Inquisitors may wear leather armour beneath their robes. They are allowed Imbued armour such as Lower Mana Cost & Lower Reagent Cost. Imbued Jewellery is strictly forbidden.