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The Corsairs

"The young corsair was standing guard on top of the lighthouse, looking out over the sea. A gentle sea breeze touched his face and brought peace to his mind. The moment of perfect harmony was broken when some drunken besiegers and merry men started singing below. The corsair looked down on them. He thought of them as pathetic fools, who had no sense of dignity and no understanding of true beauty. His eyes returned to the ocean, and soon the disturbance was gone. Suddenly a pigeon came flying, carrying a message. After reading it, the corsair hurried down the stairs to the corsair master, who was currently studying a tattered map in the meeting room. He told her about the contents of the note: a known criminal had been spotted in Nujel'm, the city of pleasure. She told him to gather the rest of the corsairs and bring them to Yew Bay. An advocate offered to open a holy gate, but the corsair master refused the offer, saying something along the lines of "gates are for children who can nay take care of themselves and are afraid o' seein' the real world". As they ran for Yew bay, most of the other guardsmen entered the portal. Once the corsairs had arrived at Nujel'm, they learned that the criminal had stolen a ship and was heading for Buccaneer's Den. The advocate did not know how to open a gate to that island, and soon the other guardsmen begged to be allowed onboard the ship to join the hunt. The corsair master refused, as by the time they were onboard, the criminal would be safe among his friends. Many of them would probably be too seasick to fight once they caught up with the criminal anyway. Soon thereafter they caught up with the criminal, who was not too happy about having five harpoons aimed at him. Once again, the corsairs had prevailed where the others had failed."


The corsairs are brought together by their desire to be at sea, be it because of their feelings for it, a passionate interest for naval combat or a simple desire to advance through a naval career. They are well trained in nautical combat and tactics, as it is their duty to keep the waters of Yew safe and to combat the enemy at sea. They also specialise in handling smugglers, and are eager to search the cargo holds and possessions of suspicious sailors.

Corsair Appearence

  • A corsair wears a chain mail tunic, chain mail leggings, boots, valorite colored horned studded leather gloves, a valorite colored studded leather gorget a sash, a kilt and a navy-blue bandana or skullcap.

When on land, they wear valorite platemail arms, when when at sea, they may choose to wear valorite colored studded leather arms

  • A corsair may use bucklers and wooden kite shields.

*Heavy Crossbows (Harpoons) may only be used on ship.

** Pikes are also the Corsair parade weapon.


  • A corsair mustcarry a sextant. Failure to present a sextant during an inspection will result in delayed promotion. If repeated, it may result in demotion.

  • Only corsairs may command militia ships.

  • Every corsair should have a pigeon or parrot with which they can communicate with other guardsmen over long distances.












Role-playing a corsair

  • The corsairs gladly take any opportunity to sail the seas of Britannia. They also enjoy eating fish, since it tastes good and they know it makes them smarter, and they don't

  • mind drinking lots of alcohol. In fact, their special liking of rum (and the likes of it) has oft lead to embarrassment during an inspection.

  • The corsairs hold Hydros, also known as the "Lurker", as the highest of the four archangels of the clergy religion, followed by the respected Stratos.

  • While most of the other guards believe that you should be properly buried, in order for your remains and soul to go to the hall of the Mountain King (also known as Lithos), the corsairs are (generally) convinced that they belong in the halls of the Lurker. Because of that, they always hold sea-bound funerals whenever someone has died. In order to make sure that the body doesn't drift ashore anywhere, weights are tied to the feet of the deceased one, who is then dropped into the deep sea.

  • It is commonly believed that those who serve Hydros, upon entering her halls, are given new bodies so that they may still serve her. Which creature the servant is turned into depends on who the person was during his or her earthly life. Those who are friendly and helpful in their lives become dolphins, although some may turn into a peaceful sea serpent (thus a corsair never attacks a sea serpent unless it attacks first, and killing any dolphin whatsoever is entirely out of the question). The not-so-friendly humans take the form of an aggressive sea serpent, or sometimes even a dreaded kraken. The water elemental, however, is not an incarnation of a soul lost at sea, but rather a servant created by Hydros herself.

  • The corsairs take any opportunity to clean themselves - not because they are vain like the marksmen, but rather because they do not want to pollute the halls of Hydros, should they unexpectedly die anytime soon.

Corsair language

  • "Hua" is used instead of "yes sir" and similar expressions.

  • "Ahoy" is a commonly used greeting, instead of "Hail".

  • "Landrat" (also "landlubber") refers to someone who seldom, or never, sails the seas. This can be applied even to corsairs, if they aren't out sailing the seas often enough for the liking of their peers.

  • "Stem" refers to the forward part of a ship.

  • "Stern" refers to the rear part of a ship.

  • "Port" refers to the left side of a ship.

  • "Starboard" refers to the right side of a ship.

  • Clocks, ships, the sun, the sea and the moon Felucca are all referred to as "she".

  • "Sea mist" refers to the sea-bound phenomenon that makes it seem as if one can not do things as quickly as one normally would. It is not known to have caused any long-term problems, however, and is usually somewhat local in nature. There are stories, though, of ships that have been lost in large clouds of sea mist.

Commands at sea

  • Ship's name

    • "Set name [name]" sets the ship's name to [name] (you can also double-click the tillerman while onboard for the same effect). To properly christen a ship, you should also crush a bottle of wine or champagne against the hull for the sake of

    • good luck. In honour of the old traditions, every respectable ship is given a woman's name.

  • Navigational commands

    • "Unfurl sail" (also "forward") instructs the tillerman to move the ship forward.

    • "Drift left" instructs the tillerman to move the ship to the left.

    • "Drift right" instructs the tillerman to move the ship to the right.

    • "Back" instructs the tillerman to slowly move the ship backwards.

    • "Slow [direction]" instructs the tiller-man to move the ship at a slow pace to the [direction]. Ships engaged in naval combat move at this speed; if they are moving any faster, they are attempting to break away and should be considered defeated. The command can also be used when navigating through very narrow passages, or to avoid a merry vomit.

    • The above commands can be combined ("forward left", "back right" and so on).

    • "Port" instructs the tillerman to turn the ship to the left.

    • "Starboard" instructs the tillerman to turn the ship to the right.

    • "Come about" instructs the tillerman to turn the ship around.

    • "Furl sail" instructs the tillerman to furl the sails, bringing the ship to a stop.

    • "Raise anchor" instructs the tillerman to raise the anchor, allowing the ship to move.

    • "Drop anchor" instructs the tillerman to lower the anchor, making the ship stay in one place.

    • Navigating with maps

      • In order to make the tillerman follow a route on a map, first show it to him (drag the map onto him while the ship is not moving).

      • "Start" instructs the tillerman to start following the route.

      • "Nav" instructs the tillerman to tell you which pin on the map you are currently heading for.

      • "Single [number]" instructs the tillerman to sail straight towards a pin location, then stop.

      • "Goto [number]" instructs the tillerman to sail straight towards a pin location, then follow the rest of the route.

      • "Continue" instructs the tillerman to resume following the route, should the ship have stopped for some reason.

  • Serpent pillar commands

    • "Doracron" takes you to the lost lands.

    • "Sueacron" takes you back to Britannia.

  • Crew commands

    • "Board" means just what it sounds like; the guardsmen are to board a ship, be it an anchored militia ship or a ship belonging to the enemy.

    • "Disembark" means that the guardsmen are to leave the ship and return to solid ground.

    • Change Arms” means all Corsairs are to change to either land or sea armor.

    • "Search the ship" means that the guardsmen are to search the cargo hold of the ship, as well as the backpacks of it's crew.

    • "Ready harpoons" means that the guardsmen who are capable of using harpoons are to take them out (and prepare to use them).

    • "Ready grenades" means that the guardsmen (who are allowed to use them) are to be ready to throw their purple potions.

    • "Bombard" means that all guardsmen on board the ship are to throw their purple potions at whichever target is specified. All archers and harpooners on board are to open fire as well, when this order is given.

    • Swab the deck" means that the poor trainee, footman or rookie given the order is to clean the deck of the ship. This is done by emoting *swabs* and standing still for five seconds, on every single square tile of the ship. This command is normally only given at the end of a trip. It is not uncommon to use this command for punitive reasons. "Swab the deck well" is just like "swab the deck", except that the time is ten seconds instead of five.

    • "Abandon ship" means that the guardsmen onboard the ship should use any (lawful) means to escape the ship. The captain of the ship may never follow this order himself.

Ship management

  • Both planks should remain unlocked while out sailing (this is to allow boarding).

  • Galleons should have default permissions to “Passenger”

  • When not in use, the ship should be docked at the Yew port (the small bay in between the mill and Empath Abbey) or somewhere near the Abbey if it is too crowded. The ship should only be drydocked (converted to the miniature ship you can carry in your pack) if you are taking extended leave.A copy of your ship key should be left in the corsair cabin.

  • Never store anything of great value in the cargo holds, as it runs the risk of disappearing in tainted ways. Be sure to have a supply of harpoons and bolts stored on the ship, however! It might be that the ship needs to set sail without much time for preparation.

  • When the ship is not directly adjacent to land, you can board it by jumping onto the plank (double-click it). Once you are onboard, all you have to do to leave it is to walk onto the plank. If you run, you won't be able to jump ashore.

  • Avoid walking around when the ship is moving. It is difficult and may result in seasickness, and if your sea legs aren't good enough you may end up being thrown off the ship.

Requesting use of a militia ship for non Corsairs.

Any member of the militia from Rookie Guard rank and above may request the use of a militia vessel for patrols if a Corsair is unable to be present.  The following rules apply:

  • Must be a minimum of a Rookie Guard.

  • Must have attended and passed ship control training with a Corsair beforehand.

  • Only permitted to use militia training vessels. (Small boat)

  • Request to be submitted in writing to the Corsair Corporal at least 2 days before the planned event.This request can be approved or denied as the Corporal sees fit.

Corsair quotes

  • Hydros seems angry today...

  • 'Tis a good day for a swim - jump in, marksman! *push*

  • Ye should eat more fish, trainee, or ye may end up as a 'sieger...

  • Look! A dolphin! 'Tis truly a good day to sail!

  • Nothin' is better for yer skin than drinkin' two glasses o' sea water every day.






The Church


Being suited for the Corsair division is hard to describe. If you can relate to the story written above, you can consider yourself to be in the proper mindset. In addition, you would have to affinity for the sea and water, be postively minded, quick to decide, agile and intelligent. No light demands indeed! During your time in the Militia, the senior Corsairs will watch your behaviour and judge whether you are suits or not. Anyone joining the division will start out as a Rookie Corsair, even those that hold a higher rank in another division or in their Iron Arms. The position of Rookie in the division will be offered to you, it is never asked for. You will not be given an additional quest in order to prove yourself worthy of membership. You have been deemed ready to be given a chance when you are offered the position.

Armour – Chainmail Tunic, Chainmail Leggings, Valorite coloured Platemail arms, Valorite coloured Studded Gloves and Gorget, Dyed Corsair Blue Skullcap. All armour to be made from a mixture of Valorite/Verite and Barbed leather.
Imbues – All Corsairs are granted the ability to imbue resists onto their armour for free. They must also follow the imbuing rules stated here relative to their current rank. Imbued jewellery is strictly forbidden.
Parade Weapon – Gold [Iron Hued] Pike