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The cleric walked proudly into the farmstead. She had nothing to fear, as ten templars were riding behind her, armed to the teeth, ready to take care of any troublemakers. She was convinced Higher Being was with her today as all days before, and with determined steps she walked towards the village's marketplace. As they marched forth, the crowd split in half, and the cleric felt a little like tempest Devon, as he opened a path through the vast and stormy ocean. The cleric nodded to one of the templars, who dismounted and walked over to a wagon, which he turned over with a harsh push, crushing most of the wine bottles inside as the wagon fell over. As the cleric leaped up on the wagon, it looked almost unnatural for a woman of her age and condition. She placed her staff firmly by her feet, and looked out over the silent crowd. She closed her eyes, still seeing the people before her, but this time she saw more than just their appearance. One man singled out from the crowd, as his aura lacked the flashing colours Higher Being provided his followers. It was obvious that this man was the one they were looking for, the man that was not baptised. As she opened her eyes, her finger was already pointing towards him. Without a word, two templars stepped up to the man; grabbed his arms quicker than he could possibly react. They dragged him over to a couple of water barrels only standing a few squares away, ignoring that the man was kicking and screaming. The cleric walked over just as the infidel was thrown to the ground. The templars forced the man into the water, clearly denying him the obvious need for air. The cleric sighed at the sight of their brutality, but started slowly and firmly to read the baptism from the Holy Scripture. When the man had stopped resisting and no further bubbles reached the surface of the water, the templars let the man go. Still unconscious the man fell to the ground, and the cleric spoke "I hereby pronounce thee a true son of Higher Being, thy God and heavenly Father". The cleric put the Scripture away, picked up her staff, and started walking out of the farmstead. It was still morning, and there were more infidels to convert before the day was done...

The clerics are the priestesses of the militia. They are the ones to hold masses and ceremonies in the chapel, and they also lead crusades to far away land and continents. A cleric has been granted special powers (known as the Light) by the Higher Being, which she uses to aid faithful servants of the religious community. But she is not only a skilled enchanter, but also an excellent armswoman, wrestler and healer. A cleric is the most holy person of the militia, as she is directly linked to the Godhead himself. Clerics believe that they, unlike other sorceresses, claim their power from Higher Being, and not from Guardian. This means that there are certain spells that can never be cast by a cleric; spells that are considered witchery. Clerics cannot cast any field- or summoning spells. The only offensive spells they can cast are clumsy, feeble mind, weaken, harm, poison, curse, mana drain, mind blast, paralyze, mass curse and mana vampire. If your cleric is caught casting any forbidden spell, there is a risk the guardsmen will call for a witchburning.



















The Oath of Cleric Holiness

I shall offer and conduct religious services to anyone.
I shall convert infidels and baptise them in the name of Higher Being.
I shall be strong in body as well as in spirit.
I shall attain in masses each sunday.
I shall refuse to retreat before the enemy.
I shall not draw blood.
I shall obey the orders of those appointed above me.
I shall achieve wholeness and holiness through meditation practices.
I shall be generous and giving of myself.
I shall not practice witchery.

Role-playing a cleric

Clerics believe that an orderly, strong society with an well-organised leadership can work to make life better for the majority of the people. To ensure the quality of life, laws must be created and obeyed. When people respect the laws and try to help one another, society as a whole prospers. Therefore, clerics strive for those things that will bring the greatest benefit to the most people and cause the least harm. While the templars generally are disrespecting and brutal to unbelievers, clerics do not force avatari on other; this is the way of the Inquisition. They dislike the methods of the templars and inquisitor, but they respect their ways, as they believe that order must be maintained at all times. Rebellion brings chaos; chaos brings destruction; destruction brings death. Most clerics study the workings of Archangel Stratos, as she among other things is the titan of Life. They do not worship her though, as this would be heresy.

  • Clerics are only females.

  • Clerics avoid voilence.

  • Clerics don't give orders, as they take it for granted that people understand their will.

  • Clerics don't show aggression.

  • Clerics hold masses and ceremonies in the church each sunday. (2 PM GMT)

  • Clerics often chose to interact with emotes only.

  • Clerics practice anatomy, first aid, blunt weapons, battle tactics, magery, meditation and hand to hand combat techniques.

  • Clerics refer to their own conjuring as Light or Divine Intervention.

  • Clerics say "ye" instead of thou, thee or you.


Quotes of cleric mentality

"If we show him kindness, he will see that Higher Being brings love and life to all worthy of Him."

"Templar brother, he is no good to the church if he's dead, is he?"

"I'm strongly against yer idea of ridding out the elves. Anyone canth be given a heart of gold through Avatar our Lord. Wouldeth not Guardian suffer even greater defeat if we managed to convert even those created in his own unholy image?"

"With the power of Stratos I grant thee life!"

"Poor elf, I pity ye for not understanding the evil of the blood that floats in yer veins. I shall not purge ye by fire, as that be the templars's ways. But know, if ye ever return here, I shall not hesitate stepping aside for the templars's chargers."

"Compassion?... Nay my friend, I feel not compassion for ye, I but pity ye. I heal in the name of our Lord, helping those by my side. That is not Compassion, only devotion."

The Clergy






The Church


The Cleric Uniform

Armour & Weapons -

Leather tunic

Leather leggings

Leather sleeves

Quarter staff *

Clothes -

Plain dress (true white)

Fancy shirt (dye in the church)

Sandals (plain)

* The Cleric Custodian wields a black staff.