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Ribbons of Service

There are times when guardsmen prove themselves, yet without falling under the criteria for one of the Kingdom's medals. Thus, to encourage such behaviour the officers met up one gloomy night to discuss the matter. The very next day, orders were sent out to the militia tailors to draft up a series of ribbons, to be sown into the sashes of deserving guards. The ribbons are only provincial awards and whilst they represent great service for the militia to the guardsmen and local civilians, they probably hold little value outside of Yew (unlike the medals, whose wearers are given proper recognition throughout the land by all that serve the King). Given their value in Yew, the ribbons follow many of the guidelines set for medals.

  • If you are caught writing down a ribbon in your profile which you do not have, you will most probably be demoted one or even several ranks.

  • Even if the Command has decided you are worthy of a ribbon, you may NOT carry it until you are given one.

  • You may never point out, whine or alike, per icq or ingame, that you feel you deserve a ribbon, or that you have completed one or several of the criteria for one. This is a decision ONLY the Command may take. If you do this, you will lose the right to the ribbon.

  • As the medals are provincial and thus not recognised outside of Yew, they do not count towards nobility.

  • If a guardsman is ever thrown out, or deserts, they are stripped of all their ribbons. (ignore the profile if they were so foul as not to erase it) Same goes for outsiders wearing ribbons - of course they are fakes!

All who hold these honours shall be remembered on a page or two in the tome, for coming generations of guards to note.

What ribbons are there?

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