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The Craftsmen


The path of an apprentice is long, and becoming a fully accepted and respected craftsman can only be accomplished through devotion for the militia as hard working crafter. Your tutor will learn you the ropes of his trades and you will put effort in learning those trades.

Contact a member of command before creating a new character to play as craftsmen in the militia.

- Already has a character of rookie guard or above (to ensure dedication).
- Has to be a new character.
- Has to have fitting name, same rules apply as for guardsmen.

The craftsmen are the backbone of the militia, they work hours on repairing the battle damaged armour for the guards and they make sure the armory is filled with the best quality gear. They help the guardsmen in building their famous road blocks and craft whatever the guardsmen need to perform their duty. They work night in, night out so the guards can ensure a safer Yew, and you can help them.

When you feel you are talented enough to help us you can apply for an apprenticeship, you will start out as apprentice and you will be assigned to an older craftman who will be your tutor. Your tutor will teach you the art of his trade he will be the one to assist you in the path that lies before you.


Once your tutor has taught you everything he can you will become a full crafter, not as good as the grand masters but well on your way in becoming one. Now that you are a full craftsman you may choose to specialize in a trade, become a tailor or smith and after years of perfecting your skill you may one day call yourself Grand master in that trade. You can contact the a member of command about an apprenticeship.

"The path of an apprentice is long but rewarding" - Johann Eberhart


Craftsmen may choose to wear leather, studded, rinmail or chainmail but no platemail. They will dress in a way that is proper for their trade and proper in a medieval roleplay context. Neon colours and/or true black is not allowed.



Remember that you are a craftsman, you are not trained in the art of fighting and would rather flee from battle and leave the fighting to the guardsmen. You may know how to crafts weapons but you have little knowledge about wielding it.

Craftsmen are allowed to hunt or to defend themselves and their packhorses


- 50 tactics at most;
- Maximal one weapons skill with 75 skill at most;
- No healing, anatomy or parry (use potions to heal).

Join us!







The Church



Certain craftsmen have developed the ability to use the Imbuing skill, and in doing so are able to add certain properties to armour and weapons. The full breakdown of such properties and the rules that apply to them can be found here. If you have any questions regarding Imbuing, please contact a member of command.