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                       Something to go on the breast-plate...?

How to gain a medal

If the Militia Command (the officers and division masters) ever feel a Guard has earned the right to a medal, they will talk it over between. Thereafter, a command vote must be passed, if the guardsman in question DOES deserve a medal, and if they have completed what was required to get the medal, this will be remembered until the next parade.

When you have a medal, you show it in two ways. There will be a section on the tome, which shows all medals of all guardsmen. There isn't really any physical medal, but rather you write it down in your Character Profile on your paperdoll.


  • If you are caught writing down a medal in your profile which you do not have, you will most probably be demoted one or even several ranks.

  • Even if the Command has decided you are worthy of a medal, you may NOT carry it until you are given one.

  • You may never point out, whine or alike, per icq or in game, that you feel you deserve a medal, or that you have completed one or several of the criteria for one. This is a decision ONLY the Command may take. If you do this, you will loose the right to the medal.

  • Medals are not cumulative. If you, for example, gain the King's Silver Ankh or Anvil, it replaces your Bronze one. This also means you do not get more than one of each medal.

  • If a guardsman is ever thrown out, or deserts, they are stripped of all their medals. (ignore the profile if they were so foul as not to erase it) Same goes for outsiders wearing medals - of course they are fakes!



                                           What medals are there?

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