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Example of Dialogue

Thug trying to get past a roadblock without paying (noble guard speech)

- Halt thy steps, knave! Canst thou not see 'tis a roadblock thou'rt passing!?

- So, ye say so. Go pester someone else. Mi got buisness ta handle!

- Another loudmouth from Britain, I take it... Men, make sure he be not smuggling illegal wares.

- Hands off mi, ye stinkin' bastards! Wouldn't want ta spill the guts o' yers!

- We handle the likes of thee for breakfast, so cooperate, and 'twill be easier for us all.

Another example of dialogue:

Guardsman conversation (Noble Guard and Commoner Footman)

- Greets, Sah! Fine day, 'tis not?

- Well met, Footman. 'Tis a masterpiece, aye!

- Me's been off and huntin' them bugger orcs... Them breed like rats, them does, sah!

- Indeed. I've heard the Militia coffers are emtpy. Mayhap we should gather some men and arrange a roadblock?

- Good thinkin', sah!

- Thou dost know i hate a... "suckup"? Mhhh?

- Sorry, sah! Me does too.

Speaking Britannian

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