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On the north-west coast of Britannia lies a small town shrouded in forest. To the casual observer it may seem a quiet place. Simple people can be seen going about their daily business; perhaps cutting logs, rearing sheep or catching fish. However, not all is as it seems. The trees of Yew hold all kinds of folk. There are honest craftsman and traders, simply trying to carve out a living. Alongside them are criminal folks for whom isolated little Yew makes a tempting hunting ground. Then there are rumours, which speak of something far worse: of men who dabble in the black arts...

The Citizen System is an opportunity to play a character that doesn't fit within the normal realm of the Militia. This could be an ordinary civilian character, a criminal or even a wytch. We hope that these characters can be an exciting and entertaining addition to Yew.

What kind of characters can I play?

Anything that might fit within a low fantasy setting is possible: Craftsmen, Sailors, Brigands and Orcs are all perfect examples of what you can play. Noble Paladins and Daemon Lords on the other hand are prime example of what you cannot play.

The decision on whether your character is suitable or not will ultimately rest with your recruiter, however having a well thought our description of what you’re character will be and do will greatly increase you’re chances of gaining entry.

Are there any limitations on skills?

The following skills are restricted; if you wish to use them you will need to put forward an application to a member of command.


  • Magery

  • Necromancy

  • Bushido

  • Chivalry

  • Spellweaving

If you wish to create a character that will use these skills, please contact a member of command.

Are there any limitations on equipment?

We are fairly keen to allow you as much scope for creativity as possible, however to protect against the more immature players that may join the system we are putting some basic guidelines in place. Please note some of these guidelines can be exceeded with copper purchases & potentially imbuing


  • Horses are forbidden

  • The LoW must be followed at all times


Join us!


Citizens of Yew






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